Weapons in Pocket Legends and the real world are instruments that are meant to inflict pain on another person/monster. Weapons can injure or kill the target if they do not resist. Some people/monsters are so evil that weapons are the last resort to bring peace

The three main types of weapons in Pocket Legends are the:

Swords: long sharpened blades that are used to stab or cut the enemy.

Bows: a curved peice of wood or metal with a string to launch a projectile such as an arrow to puncture the enemy.

Staffs: Magical staffs that launch a seemingly unlimited supply of energy, it can be of any element. Weapons commonly reflect the playing style of the player as a sword or axe will be for close combat while a bow, crossbow, and staffs attack the enemy at a distance. Any three of the classes can use any of the weapons, creating hybrids.

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