Map Level Range
Forest Haven 1-10
Dark Forest 10-15
Balefort Castle 15-20
Fathom Crypt 20-25
The Lost Expedition 25-30
The Ancient Swamps 30-35
Return of Skeller 30-35
Alien Oasis I 35-40
Alien Oasis II 40-45
Alien Oasis III


Shadow Caves 50-50
Balefort Sewers 50-55
Nuri Hallows 55-60
Mount Fang 60-66
Isle Of Humania 65-71
BlackSmoke Mountain 70-76

Alterra can be explored using the world map, which is selectable from the home screen. To move around in more detail, you can use a virtual joystick, or tap to move. 

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